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Are you starting a project and looking for feedback on your design? Maybe you’re in the middle of the project and you’re starting to wonder if your design is scalable or will perform well under the expected load. Sharp Dudes’ professional and experienced consultants can help you to ensure you have the right design in place to satisfy the requirements of your project. There’s no substitute to a having a good design. A good design can save time and effort in the long run and increase scalability, security, and performance.

Our Process
  • First we’ll meet with you to get a full understanding of your product. During this meeting we’ll get to know your organization as well as the product being developed.
  • Following our initial meeting, we’ll gather your requirements. The more you can give us, the better. Here’s a list of some things that will help us better understand your design:
    • Functional specifications
    • Source code
    • Design documents
    • Scalability requirements
    • Performance requirements
  • We’ll then analyze your documents and provide you feedback around your architecture as they relate to the provided requirements. Documents and source code will also be analyzed to ensure they meet industry best practices. All of our findings will be compiled into an Architectural Review Document.
  • After we’ve done our analysis, we’ll then meet with you to review the Architectural Review Document.
Final Results
At the end, you’ll be provided with an Architectural Review Document that clearly defines our recommendations for your project.