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Do you have a project that you’re looking to outsource? From the smallest of projects to the largest, Sharp Dudes has the expertise to assist you with your development. Our talented team of developers is experienced in all facets of the Software Development Life Cycle. We can help you from the very beginning with requirements gathering all the way to the end with deployment.

Our Process
  • First we’ll meet with you to get an overview of your project. We’ll also determine where you’re in the process. The next steps will assume we are starting from scratch.
  • Next we’ll need to gather your requirements and get an understanding of your business process.
  • After we have your requirements we layout a conceptual Architectural Design. This design will contain all the appropriate documentation for us to move forward in tandem. This step is very important, because it will be the foundation to a successful development phase.
  • Once we have the proper understanding of your requirements and a solid conceptual design, our developers will begin the actual development of your product.
  • Along the way, we’ll ensure proper testing techniques are used throughout the process.
  • After development and testing, we’ll help you through a seamless deployment as to minimize any downtime for your customers.
  • All products will include a well documented run book that will describe deployment and maintenance of the developed product.
Final Results
At the end, you’ll have a product that fulfills your requirements with proper documentation.